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H.R. 1344: Helping Heroes Fly Act

Title: Helping Heroes Fly Act

Introduced: Mar 21, 2013 (113th Congress)

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Status: Signed by the President - Signed by President.

Summary: Helping Heroes Fly Act - Directs the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security (Transportation Security Administration [TSA]) to develop and implement a process to ease travel and to the extent possible provide expedited passenger screening services for severely injured or disabled Armed Forces members and veterans, and their accompanying family members or nonmedical attendants. Requires the Assistant Secretary also to maintain an operations center to provide for the movement of such members and veterans through screening before boarding a domestic or foreign passenger aircraft. Directs the Assistant Secretary to establish and publish certain protocols for severely injured or disabled Armed Forces members and veterans or their family members and others to contact the operations center to request expedited screening services for that member or veteran. Declares that nothing in this Act shall affect the Assistant Secretary's authority to require additional screening of such individuals if intelligence, law enforcement, or other information indicates that it is necessary. Directs the Assistant Secretary to report annually to Congress on implementation of the program.

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