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H.R. 2575: Save American Workers Act of 2014

Title: Save American Workers Act of 2014

Introduced: Jun 28, 2013 (113th Congress)

Sponsor: (No First Name Found) (No Last Name Found) [-]

Status: Passed House - On passage Passed by recorded vote: 248 - 179 (Roll no. 156).

Summary: Save American Workers Act of 2014 - Amends the Internal Revenue Code, as amended by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to redefine "full-time employee," for purposes of the mandate requiring employers to provide health care coverage for their employees, as an employee who is employed on average at least 40 hours of service a week (currently, at least 30 hours of service a week). Makes this Act applicable to months beginning after December 31, 2013.

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Total: 28 [24R 4D]