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Obama Job Approval Among Independents


Polling Data

RCP Average4/11 - 5/3--40.851.4-10.6
Politico/GWU/BattlegroundPolitico/GWU/Battleground4/29 - 5/3LV3954-15
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times4/13 - 4/17A4241+1
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac4/11 - 4/17RV3956-17
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research4/13 - 4/15A4749-2
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos4/12 - 4/15A3757-20

All Obama Job Approval Among Independents Polling Data

Polling Data

RCP Average4/11 - 5/3--40.851.4-10.6
Politico/GWU/BattlegroundPolitico/GWU/Battleground4/29 - 5/3LV3954-15
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times4/13 - 4/17A4241+1
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac4/11 - 4/17RV3956-17
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research4/13 - 4/15A4749-2
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos4/12 - 4/15A3757-20
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research3/24 - 3/25A4748-1
McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy/Marist3/20 - 3/22RV4451-7
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos3/8 - 3/11A4254-12
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times3/7 - 3/11A3745-8
Pew ResearchPew Research3/7 - 3/11A4542+3
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac2/14 - 2/20RV4449-5
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research2/10 - 2/13A5046+4
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times2/8 - 2/13A4644+2
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports2/6 - 2/12LV5148+3
FOX NewsFOX News2/6 - 2/9RV3352-19
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos2/2 - 2/6A4251-9
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times1/12 - 1/17A4246-4
Pew ResearchPew Research1/11 - 1/16A3756-19
FOX NewsFOX News1/12 - 1/14RV3652-16
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research1/11 - 1/12A4550-5
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos1/5 - 1/9A4544+1
CBS NewsCBS News1/4 - 1/8A3849-11
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research12/16 - 12/18A4451-7
CBS NewsCBS News12/14 - 12/18A4143-2
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos12/8 - 12/11A3451-17
CBS NewsCBS News12/5 - 12/7A4147-6
FOX NewsFOX News12/5 - 12/7RV3853-15
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research11/18 - 11/20A3857-19
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac11/14 - 11/20RV4249-7
FOX NewsFOX News11/13 - 11/15RV3350-17
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research11/11 - 11/13A4254-12
Pew ResearchPew Research11/9 - 11/14A4052-12
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports11/5 - 11/7LV3958-19
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos10/31 - 11/3A3953-14
FOX NewsFOX News10/23 - 10/25RV3251-19
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times10/19 - 10/24A4247-5
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research10/14 - 10/16A4452-8
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos10/6 - 10/10A4449-5
Pew ResearchPew Research9/22 - 10/4A3652-16
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac9/27 - 10/3RV3856-18
CBS NewsCBS News9/28 - 10/2A4142-1
FOX NewsFOX News9/25 - 9/27RV3155-24
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times9/10 - 9/15A3754-17
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos9/8 - 9/12A4243-1
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research9/9 - 9/11A3560-25
FOX NewsFOX News8/29 - 8/31RV3155-24
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac8/16 - 8/27RV4054-14
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research8/24 - 8/25A4158-17
Pew ResearchPew Research8/17 - 8/21A3952-13
FOX NewsFOX News8/7 - 8/9RV3155-24
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos8/4 - 8/8A4744+3
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research8/5 - 8/7A3662-26
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research8/1 - 8/1A4256-14
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research7/18 - 7/20A3959-20
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports7/11 - 7/17LV4157-16
FOX NewsFOX News7/17 - 7/19RV4446-2
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos7/8 - 7/11A3951-12
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac7/5 - 7/11RV4053-13
FOX NewsFOX News6/26 - 6/28RV4045-5
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times6/24 - 6/28A4743+4
McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy/Marist6/15 - 6/23RV3951-12
Pew ResearchPew Research6/15 - 6/19A4246-4
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports6/13 - 6/19LV4060-20
FOX NewsFOX News6/5 - 6/7RV3946-7
CBS NewsCBS News6/3 - 6/7A4741+6
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos6/3 - 6/6A4446-2
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac5/31 - 6/6RV4643+3
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research5/24 - 5/26A4751-4
FOX NewsFOX News5/15 - 5/17RV4349-6
Politico/GWU/BattlegroundPolitico/GWU/Battleground5/8 - 5/12LV5047+3
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos5/5 - 5/9A4148-7
SurveyUSASurveyUSA5/2 - 5/2A4142-1
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research5/2 - 5/2A5043+7
FOX NewsFOX News4/25 - 4/27RV3851-13
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times4/15 - 4/20A4345-2
McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy/Marist4/10 - 4/14RV4251-9
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos4/7 - 4/11A3753-16
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research4/9 - 4/10A3562-27
FOX NewsFOX News4/3 - 4/5RV3955-16
Pew ResearchPew Research3/30 - 4/3A4248-6
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac3/22 - 3/28RV3950-11
Fairleigh DickinsonFairleigh Dickinson3/21 - 3/28RV3953-14
CBS NewsCBS News3/18 - 3/21A4639+7
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research3/18 - 3/20A4552-7
FOX NewsFOX News3/14 - 3/16RV4744+3
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research3/11 - 3/13A4649-3
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos3/3 - 3/6A3753-16
Resurgent Republic (R)Resurgent Republic (R)3/1 - 3/3RV3954-15
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac2/21 - 2/28RV4348-5
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times2/11 - 2/14A4239+3
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos2/4 - 2/7A4747Tie
Pew ResearchPew Research2/2 - 2/7A4645+1
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research1/21 - 1/23A5445+9
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times1/15 - 1/19A4339+4
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research1/14 - 1/16A5640+16
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac1/4 - 1/11RV4146-5
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos1/7 - 1/10A5045+5
McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy/Marist1/6 - 1/10RV4444Tie
FOX NewsFOX News12/14 - 12/15RV3748-11
McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy/Marist12/2 - 12/8RV3952-13
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos12/2 - 12/5A4237+5
CBS NewsCBS News11/29 - 12/2A4543+2
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac11/8 - 11/15RV3755-18
CBS NewsCBS News11/7 - 11/10A4047-7
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos10/28 - 10/31A4249-7
FOX NewsFOX News10/23 - 10/28RV3749-12
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times10/22 - 10/26A3651-15
McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy/Marist10/22 - 10/26RV4843+5
FOX NewsFOX News10/11 - 10/13RV3947-8
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos10/7 - 10/7A4148-7
CNNCNN10/5 - 10/7A3759-22
CBS NewsCBS News10/1 - 10/5A4245-3
McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy/Marist9/30 - 10/5RV3554-19
FOX NewsFOX News9/28 - 9/29RV3556-21
FOX NewsFOX News9/14 - 9/16RV3950-11
McClatchy/MaristMcClatchy/Marist9/14 - 9/16RV4054-14
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac8/31 - 9/7RV3852-14
Pew ResearchPew Research8/25 - 9/6A4045-5
CNNCNN9/1 - 9/2A4554-9
FOX NewsFOX News9/1 - 9/2RV4050-10
NewsweekNewsweek8/25 - 8/26A4148-7
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports8/24 - 8/26LV3663-27
CBS NewsCBS News8/20 - 8/24A4245-3
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos8/19 - 8/22A3753-16
FOX NewsFOX News8/10 - 8/11RV4246-4
CNN/Opinion ResearchCNN/Opinion Research8/6 - 8/10A4454-10
Pew ResearchPew Research7/21 - 8/5A4243-1
FOX NewsFOX News7/27 - 7/28RV3656-20
Reuters/IpsosReuters/Ipsos7/22 - 7/25A5241+11
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac7/13 - 7/19RV3852-14
FOX NewsFOX News7/13 - 7/14RV4048-8
CBS NewsCBS News7/9 - 7/12A3846-8
FOX NewsFOX News6/29 - 6/30RV4048-8
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports6/27 - 6/29LV3466-32
NewsweekNewsweek6/23 - 6/24A4350-7
MaristMarist6/17 - 6/24RV3749-12
Resurgent Republic (R)Resurgent Republic (R)6/20 - 6/23RV4451-7
Pew ResearchPew Research6/16 - 6/20A4445-1
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times6/16 - 6/20A4344-1
FOX NewsFOX News6/8 - 6/9RV3852-14
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports6/2 - 6/4LV3565-30
CBS NewsCBS News5/20 - 5/24A4442+2
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac5/19 - 5/24RV4348-5
FOX NewsFOX News5/18 - 5/19RV3948-9
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy5/6 - 5/9A4047-7
FOX NewsFOX News5/4 - 5/5RV3845-7
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times4/28 - 5/2A4839+9
Resurgent Republic (R)Resurgent Republic (R)4/25 - 4/27RV4152-11
Pew ResearchPew Research4/21 - 4/26A4146-5
FOX NewsFOX News4/20 - 4/21RV3947-8
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac4/14 - 4/19RV3850-12
FOX NewsFOX News4/6 - 4/7RV3849-11
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports4/2 - 4/4LV4356-13
CBS NewsCBS News3/29 - 4/1A3346-13
MaristMarist3/25 - 3/29RV3945-6
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac3/22 - 3/23RV4044-4
CBS NewsCBS News3/18 - 3/21A4047-7
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac3/16 - 3/21RV4053-13
FOX NewsFOX News3/16 - 3/17RV4745+2
Pew ResearchPew Research3/10 - 3/14A3749-12
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy2/26 - 2/28A5442+12
FOX NewsFOX News2/23 - 2/24RV3851-13
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times2/5 - 2/10A4444Tie
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac2/2 - 2/8RV4049-9
FOX NewsFOX News2/2 - 2/3RV4547-2
MaristMarist2/1 - 2/3A2957-28
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports2/1 - 2/3LV4158-17
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy1/28 - 1/31A5331+22
CBS NewsCBS News1/14 - 1/17A4047-7
FOX NewsFOX News1/12 - 1/13RV4538+7
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports1/9 - 1/11LV3564-29
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac1/5 - 1/11RV4248-6
Pew ResearchPew Research1/6 - 1/10A3949-10
CBS NewsCBS News1/6 - 1/10A4240+2
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac12/15 - 12/20RV4146-5
Pew ResearchPew Research12/9 - 12/13A4244-2
FOX NewsFOX News12/8 - 12/9RV4448-4
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times12/4 - 12/8A4341+2
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports12/5 - 12/7LV4554-9
MaristMarist12/2 - 12/7RV4144-3
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy12/3 - 12/6A4155-14
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac12/1 - 12/6RV3751-14
FOX NewsFOX News11/17 - 11/18RV3451-17
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports11/16 - 11/18LV3960-21
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac11/9 - 11/16RV4347-4
Pew ResearchPew Research10/28 - 11/8A4539+6
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy10/29 - 11/1A4541+4
FOX NewsFOX News10/27 - 10/28RV4934+15
FOX NewsFOX News10/13 - 10/14RV4247-5
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports10/11 - 10/13LV3761-24
MaristMarist10/7 - 10/12RV4547-2
CBS NewsCBS News10/5 - 10/8A5235+17
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy10/1 - 10/5A4741+6
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac9/29 - 10/5RV4544+1
Pew ResearchPew Research9/30 - 10/4A4939+10
FOX NewsFOX News9/29 - 9/30RV4641+5
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times9/19 - 9/23A4738+9
FOX NewsFOX News9/15 - 9/16RV5142+9
Democracy Corps (D)Democracy Corps (D)9/12 - 9/16LV4051-11
Democracy Corps (D)Democracy Corps (D)8/30 - 9/1LV4447-3
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports8/29 - 8/31LV3565-30
CNNCNN8/28 - 8/31A4353-10
CBS NewsCBS News8/27 - 8/31A5039+11
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy8/27 - 8/31A5437+17
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports8/16 - 8/18LV4356-13
Pew ResearchPew Research8/11 - 8/17A4543+2
FOX NewsFOX News8/11 - 8/12RV4944+5
MaristMarist8/3 - 8/6RV4737+10
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports8/3 - 8/5LV3760-23
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy7/30 - 8/3A5734+23
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac7/27 - 8/3RV4545Tie
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times7/24 - 7/28A5233+19
Pew ResearchPew Research7/22 - 7/26A4837+11
GWU/BattlegroundGWU/Battleground7/19 - 7/23LV4250-8
FOX NewsFOX News7/21 - 7/22RV5436+18
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports7/19 - 7/21LV4851-3
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy7/9 - 7/13A5036+14
Diageo/HotlineDiageo/Hotline7/9 - 7/13RV4844+4
CBS NewsCBS News7/9 - 7/7A5034+16
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac6/23 - 6/29RV5237+15
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports6/26 - 6/28LV4752-5
Democracy Corps (D)Democracy Corps (D)6/19 - 6/22RV5039+11
ABC News/Wash PostABC News/Wash Post6/18 - 6/21A6532+33
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times6/12 - 6/16A5825+33
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports6/13 - 6/15LV4751-4
Pew ResearchPew Research6/10 - 6/14A5629+27
FOX NewsFOX News6/9 - 6/10RV6626+40
Diageo/HotlineDiageo/Hotline6/4 - 6/7RV6334+29
MaristMarist6/1 - 6/3RV5132+19
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac5/26 - 6/1RV5730+27
Democracy Corps (D)Democracy Corps (D)5/26 - 6/1RV5039+11
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports5/29 - 5/31LV5445+9
FOX NewsFOX News5/12 - 5/13RV5730+27
Democracy Corps (D)Democracy Corps (D)5/10 - 5/12RV5834+24
CBS NewsCBS News5/6 - 5/12A5928+31
GallupGallup5/7 - 5/9A6625+41
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac4/21 - 4/27RV5333+20
Diageo/HotlineDiageo/Hotline4/23 - 4/26RV5837+21
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times4/22 - 4/26A6524+41
GallupGallup4/20 - 4/26A6427+37
ABC News/Wash PostABC News/Wash Post4/21 - 4/24A6728+39
FOX NewsFOX News4/22 - 4/23RV5729+28
MaristMarist4/21 - 4/23RV5430+24
Pew ResearchPew Research4/14 - 4/21A5827+31
Cook/RT StrategiesCook/RT Strategies4/8 - 4/11RV5530+25
Ipsos/McClatchyIpsos/McClatchy4/2 - 4/6A5729+28
Pew ResearchPew Research3/31 - 4/6A5627+29
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times4/1 - 4/5A6324+39
MaristMarist4/1 - 4/3RV5823+35
FOX NewsFOX News3/31 - 4/1RV5235+17
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac3/24 - 3/30RV5632+24
Diageo/HotlineDiageo/Hotline3/26 - 3/29RV6330+33
Democracy Corps (D)Democracy Corps (D)3/25 - 3/29RV4940+9
CBS NewsCBS News3/20 - 3/22354 A6017+43
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports3/13 - 3/15RV5148+3
CBS NewsCBS News3/12 - 3/16422 A5822+36
GallupGallup3/9 - 3/15A5926+33
Pew ResearchPew Research3/9 - 3/12432 A5727+30
NewsweekNewsweek3/4 - 3/5453 A5129+22
FOX NewsFOX News3/3 - 3/4197 RV6124+37
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports3/1 - 3/3LV5840+18
Diageo/HotlineDiageo/Hotline2/28 - 3/2287 RV6725+42
QuinnipiacQuinnipiac2/25 - 3/2RV5326+27
Cook/RT StrategiesCook/RT Strategies2/27 - 3/1264 RV5130+21
CBS News/NY TimesCBS News/NY Times2/18 - 2/22400 A5230+22
FOX NewsFOX News2/17 - 2/18166 RV6219+43
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports2/11 - 2/13LV4949Tie
Democracy Corps (D)Democracy Corps (D)2/9 - 2/10RV5128+23
Pew ResearchPew Research2/4 - 2/8420 A6314+49
CBS NewsCBS News2/2 - 2/4326 A5612+44
FOX NewsFOX News1/27 - 1/28196 RV6416+48
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen Reports1/25 - 1/27LV5344+9
Diageo/HotlineDiageo/Hotline1/21 - 1/24121 RV654+61

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- Trump Reversed Every Failed Obama Economic Policy - Kayleigh McEnany, FOX News

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- Obama's Revealing Reaction to Trump's Victory - Matthew Continetti, Free Beacon

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