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Democratic Party

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Democrats Have a Todd Akin Problem

Josh Kraushaar, National Journal | May 20, 2015

In the battle for the Senate, Democrats are off to a strong start. They've recruited two well-liked former officeholders to run in key Ohio and Wisconsin battleground races. Early...

Democrats Sic Identity Politics on Their Own

Glenn Reynolds, USA Today | May 18, 2015

They told me if I voted for Mitt Romney, we'd have a condescending president who looked down on his female critics as "little ladies" who didn't understand how the world works....

Reid Sells Out Durbin, Democratic Party Soul

Terry Michael, Reason | May 16, 2015

An attempt was made recently to sell the U.S. Senate subdivision of Democratic Party real estate to Manhattan money changers. A contract was brokered by the Senator from Las...

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