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Janet Yellen

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Yellen's Low-flation Nonsense

Larry Kudlow | April 12, 2014

Will somebody please explain to me how rising inflation is somehow going to extricate us from the tepid economic recovery? I don't get it. It used to be hypothesized that...

Yellen: Fed Monitoring Recent Weaker Economic Data

Martin Crutsinger | February 27, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen noted Thursday that recent economic data have pointed to weaker-than-expected gains in consumer spending and job growth. She...

Janet Yellen to the Rescue?

William Greider, The Nation | February 4, 2014

The Yellen era began officially on Monday when Janet Yellen took the oath and became the new chair of the Federal Reserve Board. The very first female to hold that title. And not...

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