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John Dingell

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John Dingell and the Art of Legislating

Ruth Marcus, Washington Post | February 26, 2014

WASHINGTON -- In his more than 58 years in Congress, John Dingell has never been known to mince words. So it was no surprise that the 87-year-old Michigan Democrat announced his...

Debbie Dingell to Seek Husband's House Seat

Donna Cassata | February 25, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrat Debbie Dingell will run for the House seat currently held by her husband, John, who announced this week that he will retire after the longest...

John Dingell Ends His Legendary Career

David Maraniss, Washington Post | February 25, 2014

Big John, he was called, even in his 80s, long after he had shrunk from his once-imposing 6-foot-3 hulk and had also lost much of his power, if not stature. When John David...

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