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Keith Olbermann

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At This Point, Would Anyone Hire Olbermann? - James Poniewozik, Time

Once Keith Olbermann worked for MSNBC. Then he left amid a feud with his bosses. Then he signed up to remake Current TV’s news operation. Then he got embroiled in a feud with his...

The Spin on Al-Qaeda - David Ignatius

WASHINGTON -- Among the last known images of Osama bin Laden is a video seized at his compound the night he was killed, which shows the al-Qaeda leader hunched before a television screen...

Olbermann: Barricaded Inside His Show - David Carr, New York Times

When I saw the story last week about Keith Olbermann and Current TV lawyering up, I couldn’t help thinking, My, that was quick.It was just six months ago that I wrote an article for...

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