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Rand Paul

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Rand Paul Is Right to Demand Reporters Ask Democrats About Late-Term Abortions

Michael Barone | April 24, 2015

It was sort of inevitable that on his first day of campaigning as an announced candidate for president earlier this month, Rand Paul would be asked whether he supported a ban on...

Don't Call Kelley Paul a Secret Weapon

Shane Goldmacher, Natl Journal | April 24, 2015

Ted Cruz's wife came out only at the end, for a kiss and a wave. Marco Rubio's wife did the same. Hillary Clinton's husband has been conspicuously absent since she announced she...

The Case for Rand Paul

John Stossel, FOX Business | April 22, 2015

It's not smart to get too enthusiastic about any politician. I've been disappointed often. I believed Bill Clinton when he said, "the era of big government is over." I thought...

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