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Interview with Senator Lisa Murkowski - John King, USA

KING: Alaska's vote counters are about halfway through the 92,000 write in ballots in the U.S. Senate race. Nine out of ten ballots are being sorted for U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. She had...

Interview with Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller - John King, USA

KING: The closing weeks of any campaign get chaotic, but things hardly ever end up with a reporter in handcuffs. It happened last night in Anchorage when a newspaper reporter was handcuffed...

Palin Plans to Stay in Politics - Ralph Hallow, Washington Times

By Ralph Z. Hallow (Contact) | Sunday, July 12, 2009 ANCHORAGE, Alaska | Brushing aside the criticisms of pundits and politicos, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she plans...

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