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Alex Sink

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A Post-Mortem on the Florida Special Election

Sean Trende | March 13, 2014

On Tuesday, I staked out two positions. First, that Republican David Jolly was likely to lose the special election to replace Rep. C.W. "Bill" Young, though the nature of the...

White House: Sink's Loss Not Tied to Obamacare

Alexis Simendinger | March 12, 2014

Democratic congressional candidate Alex Sink did not lose a Florida special election Tuesday because she supports President Obama's health reform law, the White House maintained...

What Should We Read Into FL-13? Maybe Nothing.

Sean Trende | March 11, 2014

Tonight, votes will be tallied in Florida’s 13th Congressional District special election to replace deceased Congressman Bill Young, a Republican. Here are three basic...

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