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Alice Rivlin

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Doing Nothing in the Town That Bipartisanship Forgot - Debra Saunders

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan introduced a hard-core GOP budget last week. His committee passed the package in a 19-18 vote. Two Republicans voted against it. No Democrats voted...

Ways to Come to Grips With American's Fiscal Mess - Michael Barone

Is there any chance we can come to grips with our short-term and long-term fiscal problems -- the huge current federal budget deficit and the huge looming increases in entitlement...

Domenici & Rivlin Discuss Their Budget Proposal - The NewsHour

JIM LEHRER: Now: the continuing debate over deficits and the debt. Judy Woodruff backgrounds the story and then hears from two more leading voices. JUDY WOODRUFF: For the second time in as...

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