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Andy Rooney

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Norman Lear's Left-Wing Paranoia About "The Right" - Larry Elder

They're coming for your children! They're coming for the womenfolk! Then they're coming after you! Norman Lear, the famous television show producer, offered this hysterically paranoid...

Andy Rooney Was Really Real - Froma Harrop

It was odd becoming a personal friend of Andy Rooney so late in his life and so far into my own. I'd seen him on "60 Minutes" for all 33 years, first while sitting on the rug in my parents'...

Andy Rooney, a Cranky Voice of CBS, Dies at 92 - Severo & Keepnews, NYT

Andy Rooney, whose prickly wit was long a mainstay of CBS News and whose homespun commentary on “60 Minutes,” delivered every week from 1978 until 2011, made him a household...

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