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Aurora Massacre

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The Illusory Value of the Death Penalty - Steve Chapman

After deciding to pursue the execution of the man charged with fatally shooting 12 people in a Colorado movie theater last summer, the prosecutor declared that "for James Egan Holmes,...

After Sikh Killings, Obama Calls for "Soul-Searching" - Alexis Simendinger

President Obama, reacting gingerly to the weekend's deadly shooting rampage at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, steered clear of the gun control debate on Monday, emphasizing instead that "we...

Too Many Guns in the U.S. -- or Too Few? - Carl M. Cannon

A rampage shooting at the Youth With a Mission center in Arvada, Colo., the night before had taken two lives and left a third man critically wounded. The crime scene was 70 miles from the...

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