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Are We In for Another High-Crime Era After the Response to Ferguson and Baltimore?

Michael Barone | June 5, 2015

Are we seeing a reversal of the 20-year decline in violent crime in America? A new nationwide crime wave? Heather Mac Donald fears we are, and as a premier advocate and analyst of...

Planting Seeds in Baltimore

Thomas Friedman, New York Times | June 3, 2015

On a warm Saturday in late May 2008, my wife, Ann, talked me into going to an auditorium in Baltimore to watch a lottery. It was no ordinary lottery. Numbered balls were cranked...

Bloody Baltimore

Washington Post | June 2, 2015

Soon after the rioting in Baltimore ended in late April, the world’s media turned their gaze elsewhere. Then, as a petulant police force retreated to its station houses, the...

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