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Betty Sutton

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Sutton, Renacci Offer Voters a Stark Contrast in Ohio Race - Jill Lawrence, National Journal

By Jill LawrenceReps. Jim Renacci and Betty Sutton of OhioPARMA, Ohio "” There is one, and possibly only one, thing that Reps. Betty Sutton and Jim Renacci agree on: Voters in...

Guest: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen & Rep. Betty Sutton - The Ed Show

Guests: Jeanne Shaheen, Terry O`Neill, Caroline Heldman, Sandra Fluke, Betty Sutton, Sam Stein ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening, Americans. And welcome to THE ED SHOW tonight...

A Local Showdown in Northeast Ohio House Race - Erin McPike

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio - When Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton won a difficult primary in 2006 to succeed Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in Ohio's 13th Congressional District in the left-leaning...

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