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Floyd Mayweather, Gifted, Minted King of the Ring

Janan Ganesh, FT | May 2, 2015

Anything to spare that glossy, unmarked face. When a gloved fist leers towards Floyd Mayweather, he absorbs it with a hunched left shoulder and counters with a right hook. If the...

Smokin' Joe Won Inside Ring and Out

Dave Anderson, New York Times | November 8, 2011

Some people mean more together than they do apart, whatever the stage. Churchill and Hitler. Bogart and Bacall. Ali and Frazier. And for all the deserved accolades for Muhammad...

Fight of the Century: Ali-Frazier, 40 Years Ago Today

James Rosen, NYP | March 8, 2011

'The hour of truth has uh- rahhhvvvd!" said Muhammad Ali, with sly grin and eyes a-flicker, that way he had of putting you on and simultaneously telling you the truth. Majestic...

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