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Candy Crowley

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There Is No Such Thing as Unbiased Journalism, So Let's Stop Pretending

David Harsanyi | May 22, 2015

If you're an intellectually curious person -- and if you're a journalist, let's assume that you are -- you are likely to have embraced a number of notions about how the world...

Schumer, Barrasso, Reed & Rogers on "State of the Union"

State of the Union | February 17, 2013

CROWLEY: I'm Candy Crowley and this is State of the Union. Before taking his show on the road, the president laid out his agenda in front of congress. House Speaker John Boehner...

Senators Rand Paul & Angus King, and Robert Gates on "State of the Union"

State of the Union | February 10, 2013

CROWLEY: Then our political panel on the State of the Union watching and the new chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee. Plus, the high price of a penny. I'm Candy...

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