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Charlton Heston

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Hollywood Who's Who Marched With King in '63 - Carl M. Cannon

Wednesday’s speeches commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington are already fading from memory, the security barriers at the National Mall have been removed,...

Interview with Senator Dick Durbin - Hardball

HARDBALLDecember 18, 2012 Guests: Richard Durbin, Dana Milbank, Chris Kofinis, Michael Nutter, Mark Glaze, Glenn Thrush, Jonathan MartinCHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Ensure the domestic...

Aiming for New Leadership, the GOP Misfires - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek

There he was, straight from his role as the terrorist mastermind on 24, calling on Republicans to "bring an end to this false prophet, Obama." Watching actor Jon Voight emceeing the GOP's...

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