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Chief Of Staff

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Reps. Paul Ryan & Joaquin Castro, Denis McDonough - This Week

Read here for a full recap of Denis McDonough's and Paul Ryan's interview.KARL: Good morning and welcome to "This Week." "This Week" exclusive.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)OBAMA: Gabby Giffords...

Shields and Brooks on the Week in Politics - The NewsHour

Make a CommentListen: MP3JEFFREY BROWN: And from garbage -- sorry, I can't resist -- to...(LAUGHTER)JEFFREY BROWN: ... the analysis of Shields and Brooks. That's syndicated columnist Mark...

Obama Announces Denis McDonough as Chief of Staff - Barack Obama

East Room 12:13 P.M. EST THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody, and welcome to the announcement of one of the worst kept secrets in Washington. (Laughter.) As President, I rely on an...

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