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Chris Daggett

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Panel on the Elections and Health Care - Special Report With Bret Baier

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) CHRIS CHRISTIE, NEW JERSEY GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: I believe the Republican Party will be stronger tomorrow because we will have a Republican governor in New...

Roundtable on the 2009 Elections - Special Report With Bret Baier

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) OBAMA: Opportunity in every corner of Virginia, that's what matters to Creigh Deeds. That's what he will keep fighting for, for the people of Virginia, if you give him a...

In Home Stretch, Corzine Presses His Case - Mike Memoli

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. -- After three days of boisterous rallies featuring his party's biggest guns, it was back to reality for Jon Corzine on the campaign trail Thursday. Instead of a packed...

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