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Dan Burton

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Interview with Rep. Darrell Issa - The Situation Room

WOLF BLITZER: If Republicans win control of the House of Representatives in November, some Democrats fear newly empowered GOP lawmakers will launch an investigation spree with President...

Roundtable on Obama and Health Care - Special Report With Bret Baier

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) ROBERT NABORS, OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET: We have obligated $57 billion. REP. JEFF FLAKE, (R) ARIZONA: $57 billion, and you say 150,000 jobs have been created....

Bernanke Says He Didn't Bully Bank of America/Merrill - USA Today

Lawmakers confronted Bernanke with a barrage of documents they said showed that the Fed chief threatened to fire BofA's top managers if they backed out of the merger and that Fed officials...

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