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Why So Much Ado About O'Donnell? - David Paul Kuhn, USA Today

But O'Donnell is headline news. She's everywhere. Mocked on Saturday Night Live. Analyzed by premiere columnists. Anderson Cooper is fact-checking her. Her name was mentioned roughly 900...

We're A Diseased Society That Idolizes Its Ignoramuses - Joe Klein, Time

I was struck by this comment by a voter in today's New York Times account of last night's U.S. Senate debate in Delaware:While Mr. Coons had broader range on issues and current events, he...

Christine O'Donnell is Not You - Julian Zelizer, CNN

Princeton, New Jersey (CNN) -- In a very clever television advertisement, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell looks directly at the camera and says to voters: "I'm not a witch....

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