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Democratic Congressman

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Interview with Representative Barney Frank - John King, USA

KING: Joining me is the architect of that legislation, one of the architects, the Democratic congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts. Now, Congressman. Let me just start there. If you go...

The Creepy Enablers of Wu - Michelle Malkin

Wu-hoo! Welcome to another freaky ethics fiasco brought to you by the D.C. den of dysfunctional Democrats. This one comes clothed in a Tigger costume, wrapped in blinders and bathed in the...

Representatives Hensarling and Weiner Debate Federal Spending - The Situation Room

BLITZER: President says if both sides work together, they can't solve this problem. So, let's hear from both sides right now. Joining us, Republican congressman Jeb Hensarling of Texas,...

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