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Douglas Elmendorf

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Obama Asks Business Group to Sway GOP on Budget - Alexis Simendinger

House Republicans are eager to dismiss President Obama, their party leaders in Congress, top corporate executives in the private sector, and the chairman of the nation’s central bank,...

House GOP to Push Budget With Defunded Obamacare - Caitlin Huey-Burns

Speaker John Boehner has decided to virtually bet the House on thrashing Obamacare in a looming fiscal showdown. In a bow to conservatives, House Republican leaders facing a Sept. 30...

Can We Cut Deficits Without Killing the Recovery? - Robert Samuelson

WASHINGTON -- At the core of Washington's exasperating budget debate lies a confusing disconnect. On the one hand, we're urged to reduce huge and endless budget deficits, which are said to...

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