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Eliot Spitzer

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De Blasio Tops NYC Mayoral Race; Spitzer Loses - Scott Conroy

NEW YORK -- After running as a hard-left populist who vowed to raise taxes on the rich in order to boost public education funding, New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio easily topped...

Spitzer, Stringer Are Tied Heading Into Primary - Scott Conroy

NEW YORK -- After an abbreviated but lively two-month campaign, Democratic voters here will decide Tuesday whether to grant former Gov. Eliot Spitzer a second life in politics. Polls in the...

Barbs Fly as Spitzer, Stringer Debate - Jennifer Peltz

NEW YORK (AP) -- Eliot Spitzer and Democratic rival Scott Stringer traded darts Friday in their first debate in the city comptroller campaign, with Spitzer saying his opponent had...

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