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Romney and McCain: The GOP Frenemies' Club - Michelle Malkin

Michael Corleone said to "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." But what, pray tell, do we do with our frenemies? This is the awful election-year quandary of movement...

Panel on the GOP and the Tea Party - Special Report With Bret Baier

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: They are going to come to their senses and realize all a third party will do to guarantee the elections Democrats. The Perot party...

Fred Thompson on Doug Hoffman - Your World w/Neil Cavuto

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Meanwhile, to the White House and another tea party dis, spokesman Robert Gibbs saying today anger gets you just 45 percent. Of course, he was referring to 45 percent of...

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