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Fred Upton

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Obamacare Flaws Have Dems Urging WH Fix - Caitlin Huey-Burns and Alexis Simendinger

A vote by week’s end on a GOP-backed bill to let Americans keep their health insurance policies next year has some House Democrats in limbo -- and itching for a feasible White House...

Health Law Website Contractors Deflect Criticism at Hearing - Adam O'Neal

Several top federal contractors who worked on the website received a bipartisan grilling about the portal’s rocky rollout from members of the House Energy and Commerce...

Interviews with Reps. Fred Upton and Steve Israel - John King, USA

KING: The man heading that investigation [into Solyandra] is the Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton; we spoke a short time ago. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) KING: Mr. Chairman, I want...

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