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G-7 Leaders to Putin, Russia: You're Out

Alexis Simendinger | March 25, 2014

The United States and leaders of the largest economies wagered Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin will fret about his nation’s ouster from a global club Moscow...

Obama Pursues Higher Tax Rates, Growth Be Damned

Michael Barone | May 21, 2012

In the run-up to this weekend's G-8 summit at Camp David, journalists have unfavorably compared European "austerity" with Barack Obama's economic policies. European spending cuts,...

G-8 Leaders Agree on Need to Mix Growth, Cuts

Alexis Simendinger | May 19, 2012

CAMP DAVID, Md. -- Europe's debt crisis may be a ticking time bomb, and gasoline prices could squeeze U.S. economic growth before November, but President Obama did his utmost...

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