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CNN Tarnished Its Brand With Boston Coverage

David Carr, NY Times | April 22, 2013

Like a lot of Americans, when I woke up on Friday morning and found out there was a manhunt in the Boston area for the remaining suspect in Monday’s bombing at the marathon, I...

Interviews with Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Tammy Duckworth

The Situation Room | January 23, 2013

BLITZER: So, there's work to be done, but that's good reporting by you. Chris Lawrence over at the Pentagon. Let's get some reaction now from a woman who did seek combat, the...

Representatives Steve LaTourette & Jason Chaffetz on "The Situation Room"

The Situation Room | November 8, 2012

BLITZER: Good point. All right, John, thanks very much. Good stuff to discuss with our guests right now. Joining us, Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Republican...

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