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Jack Markell

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Interview with Delaware Governor Jack Markell - The NewsHour

Make a CommentListen: MP3JEFFREY BROWN: And we return to the issue of guns and gun control with two key voices in the ongoing debate.As we reported earlier, several states are moving ahead...

Obama & Biden's Remarks at a Rally For Chris Coons - The White House

Grand Opera HouseWilmington, Delaware 1:46 P.M. EDT THE VICE PRESIDENT: Hey, everybody. Good to see you all. (Applause.) Hello up in the balcony! (Applause.) Hello, Wilmington! ...

Newsmaker Interview: Delaware Governor Jack Markell - RealClearPolitics

RCP: To start, just give me a sense of what we’re going to hear from the DGA this weekend? Markell: Voters throughout the country are going to have significant choices....

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