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Jessica Yellin

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Ann Romney, Martin O'Malley & Bev Perdue on "State of the Union" - State of the Union

CROWLEY: Joining me are North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He is also the chairman of the Democratic...

Interview with OMB Director Jack Lew - The Situation Room

JESSICA YELLIN: It is time to get real about the new Obama budget blueprint and the failure by either party to make the toughest choices to cut spending. The White House brags that its new...

Senator Bennett on His Primary Fight - John King, USA

ANNOUNCER: It's time to go "One-on-One". KING: You might say something is in the water this year for the Republican Party. To some, purity outranks pragmatism, seasoning and experience is...

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