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Joe Arpaio

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First Amendment Rights at Stake in Wis. Political Speech Case

David Keating | April 30, 2015

It is 3 a.m. when the pounding begins. You awake in daze, your dog is barking, your children are frightened and you can hear voices yelling at the front door. You look outside to...

We Are Enforcing the Law

Joe Arpaio, USA Today | December 28, 2011

I took an oath of office in which I agreed to enforce the laws of the state and federal constitutions. As the top law enforcement officer in Maricopa County, I do not have the...

Time Is Right to Confront Arpaio's Bias

Ruben Navarrette, SF Chronicle | December 28, 2011

Joe Arpaio has always been part Bull Connor, part Barney Fife.When the sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County is not impersonating the commissioner of public safety in Birmingham,...

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