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Joe Paterno

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Paterno Was a Coward & His Family Doesn't Get It - Cole Muzio, Breitbart

It will not work.What the Paterno family still fails to realize is that, when it comes to Paterno, this saga has never been about who said what to who. To the American people, it has never...

Sandusky Abused Children, NCAA Abuses History - Dennis Prager

One of the NCAA's punishments of Penn State was the vacating of all its football team's wins from 1998 through 2011. It was in 1998 that Penn State coach Joe Paterno and university...

PSU Got What It Deserved with Dictator JoePa - Buzz Bissinger, Daily Beast

Buzz Bissinger says Penn State alumni will whine and wallow in self-pity after the NCAA punishment, but the culture of college football needs to be banished"”too bad it's too late....

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