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Interview with Senator Jim Webb - John King, USA

KING: Let's get the perspective from a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee whose resume also includes military service and a stint as secretary of the Navy. Senator Jim Webb of...

McCain, Lieberman, Conrad, Scott and Malloy on "State of the Union" - State of the Union

CROWLEY: Senators, thank you both for joining us after what has been a particularly busy week for you I know. Let me start some place that I know you haven't been but which is in the...

Panel on Terrorism, Obey's Retirement - Special Report With Bret Baier

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SIB KAIFEE, ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: On July 7th, 2009, Faisal Shahzad along with this man who is a friend of Faisal Shahzad's traveled to Peshawar to meet a militant group....

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