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Roundtable Discusses Blue Dog Health Care Deal - Special Report With Bret Baier

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) REP. STENY HOYER, (D-MD) HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER: I'm hopeful that this will move the bill forward. That's our intent, to move the bill forward, and to provide for a...

Panel on Blagojevich's Impeachment - Special Report w/Bret Baier

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GOV. ROD BLAGOJEVICH, (D) ILLINOIS: In many cases, the things we did for people have literally saved lives. I don't believe those are impeachable offenses. So...

Roundtable on Burris and Reid - Special Report w/Bret Baier

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SEN. DICK DURBIN, (D) ILLINOIS: Everyone has to present a certificate signed by the governor, cosigned by the secretary of state-- never been waived in the history...

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