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Majority Whip

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Senators Dick Durbin and Kelly Ayotte on "State of the Union" - State of the Union

CROWLEY: I'm Candy Crowley, and this is State of the Union. A slew of disappointing report signals a nation still in economic distress and an incumbent president still in political peril....

Interview with Rep. James Clyburn - John King, USA

KING: When Democrats give up control of the House next year, South Carolina's James Clyburn, currently the majority whip, will remain number three in the party's leadership. In a break with...

Sens. Durbin & Lieberman; Reps. Blackburn & Rodgers - State of the Union

CROWLEY: We learned this week that technically, the recession ended over a year ago, June of 2009. But Americans do not live on technicalities. Reality is different. In the latest CNN poll,...

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