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Marcia Coyle

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Analysts Discuss the Coming Supreme Court Term - The NewsHour

Make a CommentListen: MP3GWEN IFILL: It's the first Monday in October. And you know what that means. The U.S. Supreme Court is back at work. The court has a docket full of controversial...

Analysts on Kagan and the Supreme Court - The NewsHour

JEFFREY BROWN: Finally tonight: It's the first Monday in October, and that means it's the first day of the U.S. Supreme Court's term. There are several high-profile cases on the docket,...

Analysts on the Supreme Court's Terror Ruling - The NewsHour

JEFFREY BROWN: And we turn to the Supreme Court, which today upheld a federal law that bans providing so-called material support to terrorist organizations. The justices ruled 6-3 against...

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