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Mark Twain

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Why Americans Hate Congress - Carl M. Cannon

Abhorrence of Congress is not new. "To my mind," Mark Twain wrote in a long-ago letter to the editor of a New York newspaper, "Judas Iscariot was nothing but a low, mean, premature...

Putting Words in Mark Twain's Mouth - Carl M. Cannon

Not an early adapter to social media, I became a Twitter convert after RealClearPolitics’ co-founder Tom Bevan impressed upon me the value of using tweets to tout my colleagues’...

Effort to Sanitize Twain Is Pure Insanity - Tony Norman, Pittsburgh PG

As a society, we've decided that there's nothing more offensive when it comes to educating our young than an unexpurgated look at what it means to be an American.In 1884, Samuel Clemens,...

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