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Michael Nutter

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Interview with Senator Dick Durbin - Hardball

HARDBALLDecember 18, 2012 Guests: Richard Durbin, Dana Milbank, Chris Kofinis, Michael Nutter, Mark Glaze, Glenn Thrush, Jonathan MartinCHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Ensure the domestic...

Interview with Representative Steny Hoyer - The Ed Show

Guests: Hilary Shelton, Michael Nutter, Chris Kofinis, Mark Simone; Charles Blow; Ari Melber; Steny Hoyer; George Zornick ED SCHULTZ, HOST: Good evening, Americans. And...

The Fire This Time - Pat Buchanan

"You've damaged your own race," said Mayor Michael Nutter to the black youths of Philadelphia whose flash mobs have been beating and robbing shoppers in the fashionable district of...

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