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Mike Rogers

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Rep. Rogers Rips Snowden, Obama at Hearing

Adam O'Neal | February 4, 2014

Leading U.S. intelligence officials discussed a wide range of threats against the United States, while also bemoaning new security challenges created by NSA leaker Edward Snowden,...

Interview With Congressman Mike Rogers

The Lead With Jake Tapper | April 9, 2013

TAPPER: Joining me now is the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers. Congressman, thanks for joining us. REP. MIKE ROGERS (R), MICHIGAN: Hey, Jake. It's great to be...

Interview with Senator Rand Paul

Erin Burnett Outfront | February 13, 2013

BURNETT: And now to the rocky road to the cabinet. Two of President Obama's key nominees are now facing some major hurdles. So, Senator John McCain says he may filibuster Chuck...

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