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Oil Rig Explosion

Latest Articles & Videos

Minority Leader McConnell and Senator Schumer on "Meet the Press" - Meet the Press

MR. GREGORY: Good morning. Twenty-six days after the BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf, another attempt to stop the massive oil leak failed yesterday as BP tried a procedure to siphon oil...

Offshore Drilling Agency to Undergo Radical Overhaul - Washington Post

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it would radically overhaul the obscure government agency that oversees offshore drilling operations, under scrutiny since the oil rig...

Sen. Mary Landrieu on the Gulf Oil Spill - John King, USA

KING: This afternoon Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal told reporters the edges of the Gulf Coast oil slick are grazing Louisiana's Chandelier (ph) Islands. It's been two weeks now since the...

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