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Pat Toomey

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Blue-State Republicans' Fate Tied to Presidential Race

Caitlin Huey-Burns | February 19, 2015

Last year’s midterms proved to be the last stand for red-state Senate Democrats up for re-election. From Arkansas to Alaska, none could withstand the forceful Republican...

Why We Got the Gun Compromise

Deb Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle | April 14, 2013

With a foot in both the gun world and the sausage factory, Thompson has a keen sense of what is doable. "I would argue that the background check would do the most good," he said....

How Pat Toomey Became the Face of the Blue State GOP

Alex Roarty, NJ | April 12, 2013

Pat Toomey will seem like an unlikely savior to gun-control advocates. The first-term senator from Pennsylvania, a state steeped in gun culture, wasn’t a prominent part of...

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