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Peter Beinart

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Zionism, Health Care and the Illiberalism of Progressive Minds - Peter Berkowitz

The ability to appreciate the merits of the other side of a question, John Stuart Mill asserted in his 1859 classic, “On Liberty,” is a hallmark of the liberal spirit. By this...

Peter Beinart's Misguided Attack on College Football - Tom Bevan

The Daily Beast’s Peter Beinart asks a provocative question in his latest column: “What’s worse? Having your son be sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky or having your son...

Lousy Economy Won't Sink Obama in 2012 - Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast

For a couple of years now, optimists about Barack Obama’s reelection prospects (myself included) have peddled the Ronald Reagan analogy. Reagan, you may remember, won 49 states in 1984...

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