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Peter King

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House Passes Cybersecurity Bill Despite Privacy Concerns

James Arkin | April 22, 2015

It’s cybersecurity week in the House of Representatives, where the first of two major pieces of legislation intended to prevent cyberattacks passed with overwhelming support...

Do You Want Peter King in Your Bathtub?

John Kass, Chicago Tribune | January 8, 2014

What if you woke after a night of uneasy dreams to find a strange man standing in your bathtub?Don't be alarmed. The strange man isn't some stark naked psycho. The strange man is...

Interview with Representative Peter King

The Situation Room | February 7, 2013

BLITZER: Drones for intelligence and drones to kill. But when the target is an American citizen, does the president have the authority to take him out? A leading voice in the...

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