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GOP Can't Shed Itself of Racist Appeals

Derrick Z. Jackson, Boston Globe | October 1, 2015

Not since George Wallace has a baldly racist candidate gripped a presidential race like Donald Trump. In 1968, Wallace won five Southern states while spewing demagoguery and...

White Guilt Over Slavery Is Not Helping Black America

Jack Kelly | September 13, 2015

I’m glad I live in a time of automobiles, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, the Internet and great medical advances. But if I had to live in an earlier period, I’d...

Conservatives Are Trying to Flip the Script on Racism

Aurin Squire, TPM | September 1, 2015

When I was a child my family had a consistent reaction to news of horrific crimes on TV: They would look at the screen, wait for the face to pop up, and pray that it wasn’t...

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