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Ray LaHood

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Obama to Tap Charlotte Mayor for Transportation - Julie Pace

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is nominating Charlotte, N.C., Mayor Anthony Foxx, a rising star in Democratic politics, to run the Transportation Department, a White House...

John McCain, Patrick Leahy & Ray LaHood on "State of the Union" - State of the Union

CROWLEY (on-camera): With just five days to go until automatic spending cuts kick in, the Obama administration is ratcheting up warnings about aircraft carriers that can't make it to the...

Panel on the Future of Space Flight - Special Report w/Bret Baier

On Air Now Published April 17, 2012 | Special Report | Bret BaierSpecial Guests: Charles Krauthammer, A.B. Stoddard, Steve HayesThis is a rush transcript from "Special Report," April 17,...

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