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Republic Of Korea

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Obama's Remarks at the Nuclear Security Summit - Barack Obama

Coex CenterSeoul, Republic of Korea 9:22 A.M. KST PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you very much, President Lee, for welcoming us here today and for the extraordinary hospitality and accommodations...

Why Are We Still in Korea? - Pat Buchanan

This writer was 11 years old when the shocking news came on June 25, 1950, that North Korean armies had crossed the DMZ. Within days, Seoul had fallen. Routed U.S. and Republic of Korea...

Transcript of Obama's G-20 Press Conference - Barack Obama

Coex CenterSeoul, Republic of Korea 4:43 P.M. KST THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. Before I discuss the G20, I want to briefly comment on the agreement in Iraq that's taken place...

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