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Republican Senatorial Committee

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O'Donnell and Insider Hypocrisy - Ruben Navarrette

SAN DIEGO -- It turns out that neither political party has cornered the market on condescension. The big divide in America isn't between red states and blue states. It's between snooty...

Senators Menendez & Cornyn; Rep. Sestak on "Meet the Press" - Meet the Press

GREGORY: I want to turn now to our guests, the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Senator John Cornyn, and his counterpart, chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign...

GOP House and Senate Committees Outraise Dems in April - The Hill

Senate and House GOP committees raised more money in April than their Democratic counterparts. The National RepublicanCongressional Committee (NRCC) outraised the Democratic...

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