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N.Y.'s 26th District Republican Needs Help - Mona Charen

The race to succeed chest-baring, Craigslist-dabbling Rep. Chris Lee in upstate New York has not received much national notice. Events in Abbottabad have crowded out other stories. But...

Reporters Discuss Obama's Tucson Memorial Speech - The NewsHour

Make a CommentListen: MP3JUDY WOODRUFF: Now we turn to our public-media colleagues for more reaction to last night's memorial and the president's speech.Dick Pryor has anchored the nightly...

Analysts on the Candidates and Jobs - The NewsHour

JEFFREY BROWN: And we take a look now at the economy and how it's playing as an election issue across the country with four reporters for public media.Julie Philipp is news director of WXXI...

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