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Silvio Berlusconi

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The Communists' Political War Against Berlusconi - John O'Sullivan, NRO

Silvio Berlusconi may be a rascal, but not even rascals deserve to be railroaded. As I write, we still don’t know the verdict of Italy’s Supreme Court on the charge of tax...

Berlusconi Burlesque - The Economist

FIRST Greece. Next Italy? Troubled euro-zone countries get bail-out money with conditions and strict monitoring by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But at the G20 summit that...

Obama and Berlusconi Take Questions - The White House

5:48 P.M. EDT PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good evening, everybody. Buona sera. I want to welcome Prime Minister Berlusconi here. He has proved to be a great friend of the United States. And he...

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